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Diesel Oil
The Diesel Oils are perfect to be used for all kinds of engines, motors and other metal parts. They have high energy density, low ash forming and low pH value.
Furnace Oil
The Furnace Oils are formed by distillation process from crude oil and have great quality of features. They ensure the smooth running of the engines in appropriate manner without any hindrance.
Fuel Oil
These Fuel Oils are supplied by us, in pure and brown color liquid. They boost energy of the heavy duty engines for working efficiently and effectively for longer period of time.
Tyre Oil
The Tyre oils are same as any other furnace and fuel oil, which same working performance as of others. These are easy in handling and usage as have lower value of pH.
Pyrolysis Oil

Pyrolysis Oil is a great substitute for heavy as well as light fuel oils. It also has effective uses in electricity plants. It has applicability in the sectors of automotive fuels, heat & power and biorefineries.